Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Economical Eats: Turkey Panini and Chips

I love love love my grill pan. It's one of the most used items that I had in my hope chest (someday maybe I will let you in on what I called my hope chest...it was more like a hope house)I find so many uses for it. Making paninis is one of the latest things we've been making in the grill pan. So here's another addition to my economical eats.

Ingredients for 1 Sandwich (we made 2):
6 Slices of Smoked Deli Turkey (My Cost: 10 cents- I got a 1lb thin sliced for $1)
2 Slices of Thick Bread (My Cost: 9 cents- I like the $.88 wheat bread at Kroger)
1.5 Slices of Cheese (My Cost: 18 cents)
1 Tbsp Fat Free Mayo (My Cost: 5 cents appx)

1. Heat Grill Pan over Medium- Low Heat (too high will cook the bread before the inside of the panini)
2. Butter one entire side of both slices bread and put mayo on the other entire side of both slices
3. Place one piece in the heated pan and then put a slice of cheese on top
4. Fold Turkey Pieces on top of the cheese.
5. Top with pieces of the last half slice of cheese and last piece of bread.
6. Flip when bread is crispy and has grill marks.
7. Finished when both sides are crispy and has grill marks and the cheese is melty.

We enjoyed with our cheap-o Pringles (My Cost: 7 cents per serving)

Total Dinner: 49 cents a serving or 98 cents for 2 servings :)

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