Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Walgreens: 04/11 - 04/17 Trip #2 :)

So with the free shave gel and free feminine products going at Walgreens this week, I had to go again. Today, I was joined by 2 of my gals from work who also rolled their rewards to maximize their goodies. Here's what I got:

4 Hydro Shave Gels- $2.99
*Receive $3 Register Rewards*

4 U by Kotex Feminine Products- $3.49
*Receive $2.50 Register Rewards

Filler Items I got in order to roll my rewards:
Ground Cinnamon- 99 cents
Chapstick- 99 cents
Brownie Mix- 99 cents
Cupcake Mix- 99 cents

Total Trip- $6.63
but I still have $3 of Register Rewards left for milk or whatever later
so basically like paying $3.63
Note: Register Rewards (RR) print after you pay, so be patient and wait for them. You can get multiple RR on a single transaction as long as the rewards are for different products. You usually cannot use a RR to pay for the same item you received the reward for and actually get that reward again. You can do like I did and use the kotex RR to pay for the Schick and then get a Schick RR. Then take the Schick RR and use it to pay for the Kotex and then get a Kotex RR...and so on. A RR counts as a coupon, so you can't use an RR and a coupon on one product alone. Instead you'd use a filler....hence the filler items I listed above.

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