Friday, December 20, 2013

Extra Bedroom On Suite Updates

Remember how I said in my previous posts on the extra bedroom closet that we were gonna have a guest stay and use the whole the suite for a week. Well, that meant more than just the closet needed some help. The bathroom needed  some help too. It HAD to have a shower curtain. Showering without a curtain would equal that would just be weird. Also, it needed some cozy-ing up. A few I didn't wanna go over the top. This is an extra bedroom that I hope one day is a child's I just want things that are usable in the long run (and I'm cheap...nuff said). Here's a quick pic of it before I hung the curtain rod:

I decided since this is hopefully to be a child's room at some point that I did not want a tension shower rod. I mean I can just imagine how many times a tension rod could be pulled down over the course of a kids life....and I wanted to go ahead and prevent any future gooseeggs gotten in a tension rod incident. Plus I love poles...remember! But do you know how hard it is to find a solid rod with shower rod flanges!? I couldn't find them at Lowe's or Home Depot in store. Here's what I ended up getting:

I grabbed this rod from Home

The rod actually came with flanges, but they were plastic and were not the kind you screw into the wall. Instead they had rubber end caps that made your solid rod fit more like a tension rod. What's the point in that? I mean really...if I am gonna go through the trouble to but a shower curtain rod from Home Depot and not somewhere that carries fancy, schmancy ones then I am most definitely screwing this puppy to the wall. 

so I snagged these flanges from
Barclay 2-Pack Polished Nickel Flanges
Perfect fit for the pole!

It was also really hard to find a shower curtain that I liked....that was long enough really. I mean I am "Sarah Plain and Short" why are all shower curtains made froo-froo or doo-doo!? Really, they either have frills and ruffles or they are like PVC crappy stuffs. Anyhow, I LOVE the shower curtain I ended up getting. It's a Hookless White Waffle 86 inch length Shower Curtain and fits the space and my personality. It has a snap on liner that can be thrown in the wash without removing the whole curtain! Score for easy-peasyness!

So here's how we went about business:

#1- Measured the distance and used a Hacksaw to cut the pole the appropriate distance.
#2- Based on the Shower Curtain I bought we measured how high on the wall we needed the flanges to be. We then held one flange in place and marked the holes that were necessary. We predrilled the holes in the wall and placed anchors for the screws in the wall....make sure this thing aint coming down if you swing on it! We went ahead and screwed the one flange on the wall.
#3- Took the cut rod and used painters tape to attach my longest level to it. (Now if you're fancy, you may have a magnetic level....but me I went with the redneck version and it worked.)
#4- I slid the unattached flange onto the rod (with the level attached) and then slide the other end into the flange attached to the wall. I just kept moving the rod til all was level and then marked the new spots on the wall where the second flange would go.
#5- Predrilled holes for anchors for the second flange.
#6- Popped the pole (without the with the unattached flange on one end into the attached flange and then drilled the screws into the waiting anchors on the unattached end.

Here's the end result:

Here's a closeup of the flange attached to the wall. This pic also shows the waffle knit on the well as the sheer light panel on the curtain.

Hanging the curtain high makes the ceilings look uber tall. I thought about going with the 96 inch length ones like my regular window curtains, but I liked where the light panel hit on this 86 inch that's where I ended up.

I added a few more finishing touches too. Like this tiered fruit basket that I got on clearance for $6 for my kitchen but then it didn't fit underneath my kitchen cabinets....filled with extra TP and washclothes, it fits wuite nicely on the vanity.

I also added these Brushed Nickel Towel Bar Hooks by Moen. I absolutely love these! They came 2 per package. So I added one to the towel bar in the bathroom and three to the one in our master. They are super awesome. You can actually hang your full-size body towels from them. I HIGHLY recommend them. We have a 12 inch towel bar (yes, that is one foot) in our master and we hang 3 full size towels off of it daily, and they all dry easily now....and they look at lot better than cramming towels on a towel bar. Here's a pic of the hook up close. It comes with inserts to fit any size bar.

And here's a shot of the full bathroom:

You can't see the towel bar in this shot...but trust me those hooks are awesome-possum!

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