Sunday, December 15, 2013

Extra Bedroom Closet Overhaul: Phase 5- the finish!

So I am back to share finished pics of the closet....warning though, the pics are not that great. Andddddd I decided I was too lazy to care or to fix them. But you don't care right? You just want to see the end result. So without furthur ado....THE EXTRA BEDROOM CLOSET after caulking and painting:

Here's the side with hanging bars:

 And here's the side with only shelving:

Sorry, I thought about styling the shelves before I took these pics, but nope....decided against the unrealistic look. This is real...a lonely PB light still in the box on the shelf. That's the real closet. BUT....we have had a guest who stayed in the room for a week and used the closet daily. Score!! It is!

Here's a few "closer-up" shots:

Let's take a look back real quick and see where we started.
I'd say it's a vast improvement over that!

Yay! I love getting things done. I know this was the most interesting post ever to you, but hey....this is life. We're being real.

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Phase 5- the finish

Note: I was not given anything in this post. I purchased everything myself and was not compensated to post my opinions about it. I simply listed my supplies purchased with my own monies for the benefit of you, my wonderful reader friends.


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