Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hiding Blue Holes

That awesome title pulled you right in didn't it? I mean who doesn't want to read about Blue Holes??? Anyhow, back on topic....

So I played a little trick when I posted our 3 month progress on the kitchen/hearth room area (see post here) when I showed you this overview picture of the whole kitchen area:

And then I also showed you this closeup of the wall by the laundry room:
You can call me sneaky if you want...but I prefer to think that you enjoyed the beauty of my wonderful kitchen (yes, this is boastful. I love my kitchen) so much that you missed the gaping blue hole in the wall. Yes there was a hole in the wall. Go back up to the first picture above and look on the right side of the picture in between the laundry room pocket door and the quad light plate switch. See the light blue on the wall??? Yes, that was a blue hole up til a few days ago. And yes, in the 2nd picture above I purposefully cropped the picture in a strategic manner where you did not see it. Yes, bad blogger...but its my blog and I can do that if it makes me happy.

When we bought the house there was the huge metal telephone jack on the wall. If you wanna see an example look HERE. Well, I thought we could just drop the jack down in the wall and then drywall over it before the kitchen got painted. Well no plan goes right at first....and that idea didn't fly. Once we took the jack apart we realize this jack was tied to other telephone lines in the house. So if we disconnected this one, some others could go out. Additionally, if we drywalled it in and then we had telephone line issues we'd have to open the wall up to look at it.

Then life got in the way of house progress and the house got painted, but the blue hole stayed a blue hole with a buncha wires in it. Then I sent my wonderful DH to Home Depot for something else and he found these cool and cheap plastic plates made by Carlon while he was there. Now the website says they are not paintable, but on the package it says they are.

So we took the middle part of the jack off where the wires are connected....technical, right? I know, I should've been an engineer. Anyhow, once we unscrewed the metal jack plate behind it was a plastic piece that held all the wires. We left all the wires intact and just put that plastic thing and the wires inside the blue hole (again, i know this sounds all technical..heehee). Then I took the Home Depot plastic plate that DH found and painted it and screwed rigged it to the wall. The hole is slightly to large for the screws to actually go in the holes, so I put glue on the screws and then shoved it on the wall. So far, so good. It's hanging on tight. I painted it using our Sherwin Williams wall paint and a foam brush. Here's what it looks like now.

Yep, much much much less noticeable than before. One day I will probably hang a picture over it or work it into a collage of frames, but for now you really don't even notice it... And its much better than a blue hole. Well, most things are better than holes...ewww, get your mind out of the gutter. I was talking about holes in house walls.

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