Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pottery Barn Circles Votive Holder Knock Off

I am back with another PB Knockoff. This time the knock off is for our master bedroom. (I also found a bargain last night that I added to my master bedroom that I have to show at the end of this post).  So here's my knockoff target...

The Pottery Barn Circles Wall-Mount Votive Holder. As soon as I saw, it in the catalog I LOVED it. It would never look right in my master bedroom though, but I really wanted something akin to this to hang above the bed. I needed something in silver to show up on our dark brown walls and I didnt really care about the candles being on there. Also it was $119 and everyone knows I didn't really care for that price. I needed something on the cheap and of course I just made it and I LOVE the finished product!

Here's how I made it:

Step #1-  I started by gathering my supplies:
2 each of 8", 10", 12", and 18" wooden embroidery hoops from Hobby Lobby
1 can of Valspar Spray Primer (already on hand)
1 can of Valspar Satin Nickel Spray Paint (around $3)
Picture Hanging Wire (on hand)
my trusty glue gun (on hand)
saw (or you could use a knife to score and then break the wood)

You can see the prices on the embroidery hoops in the pictures. I checked out twice actually, so that I could use 2 of their 40% off coupons from the website on the 18" embroidery hoops. The total of the 2 transactions came to $13.72....although I didn't end up using every small hoop so you could get by cheaper. So my total for this whole project was around $16-$17.

Step #2-  Laid out the hoops in the pattern I wanted to use
I measured the space above my bed to know how long and wide I wanted this piece to be. I couldn't find 2 measuring tapes (they always go missing around here!), so I laid out a few yard sticks to judge the length by and extended the measuring tape to judge the height by. I then took the embroidery hoops and laid them out in the pattern I wanted. I used the PB picture as my guide because I really liked their placement of the hoops.

Step #3-  Mark where the hoops overlap
Basically, anywhere a hoop overlapped another hoop I made line on both the touching hoops.

Step #4-  Remove hardware from the hoops
I basically just pulled on it and for the most part everything popped right off. For the stubborn pieces I grabbed a screwdriver and wedged it underneath to pop it off.

Step #5-  Cut or Break the hoops on the mark made in Step #3
Everywhere the hoops overlapped I drew a pencil line on them. Then I used a hand saw to cut straight down through the hoop. A few times I also scored the lines with a knife and just broke the thin hoops. During this whole process, I kept the whole pattern laid out in the floor. That way as soon as I cut a piece, I could put it right back it its place in the pattern. Otherwise I think I would've gotten all my pieces mixed up and wouldn't have been able to piece it back together properly.

Step #6-  Hot Glue all the pieces back together
You could use wood glue to glue all your pieces back together but that takes forever to dry. Hot glue just dries so fast...and I am fairly impatient I I used hot glue. It worked great though. The reason I cut them apart and then hot glued them together is so that once painted the whole thing would look more seamless. Yes, the embroidery hoops are a hair different in thickness, but they are not that different. But if I had've just glued them together, they would've had a more stacked look. The PB one basically looks several metal hoops saudered together, so that is what I was going for here. Also, I filled any holes left in the wood from ripping the hardware off with hot glue...eventually it will all get covered up with spray paint anyhow. Sorry, I have no pictures of the hot glue process...I cannot hot glue and take pictures, apparently.

Step #7-  Create hangers
I cut 2 appx. 2 inch pieces of picture wire. Then I wrapped each piece around a nail and then twisted the extra creating a small wire hoop and slid it off the nail. I then hot glued the twisted length of the wires the inside of the hoops at the 2 tallest portions of the artwork.

Step #7-  Spray primer and Spray paint
Basically after the hot glue had set for about a day, I took it outside and spray primed it. Then let it sit for an hour or so to cure. Then I spray painted it satin nickel and let it sit for another hour.

And here's the finished product hanging on the wall.
And here's a shot of it over the bed. I think it fits the space perfectly.
And here's another shot of it...
and did you notice that big leaning mirror?!! That was my bargain I snagged last night. It's a silver West Elm Chunky Wood Floor Mirror. EEK!!! Yep, I just happened to stop by the West Elm Outlet last night and saw it for 60% off!!! That is cheaper than buying a floor mirror from Lowes. Plus this thing is a solid, hefty 110 lb wooden one. I mean this is SUPER nice quality that I only had only "dreamed" of having. I have LOVE LOVE LOVED that mirror ever since I spotted it in the catalog, but I have NEVER seen it in the outlet EVER. Actually I had never seen it in person til last night. We did not have a full length mirror in our house, so this was PERFECT. LOVE it! 

I also had cleaned up the rest of our room so I figured why not just take a few more shots... even if they had nothing to do with my project. Might as well show you the rest of the room :)~

So one last time lets compare the PB version to my version:

I think it looks great. No it's not an exact replica, but it wouldn't work in my room if it was.
Plus for about $100 cheaper than the original PB version, I think I will keep mine!

Thanks for looking! Hopefully this inspires you to create some artwork of your own.

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  1. Wow! I love it!! It looks so good. Your entire room is beautiful! Love the score from West Elm!

  2. LOVE this! You did an amazing job! And your bedroom is so gorgeous... I'm so jealous! :)

  3. oh wow - this is brilliant!!!
    absolutely love it!
    thank you for sharing.
    cheryl xox.

  4. Very clever-your room looks gorgeous! New follower here!

  5. This is seriously cool!LOVE IT!

  6. That is pretty awesome! Great job!

  7. And just to think I had thought about making some circle art for my living room using the same thing but I just couldn't figure out how to get the to connect together. Thanks for sharing your tutorial, now I can reference your's if I decide to go ahead with it. It looks awesome:)

  8. That is fabulous!! I actually think yours looks better than PB's version, and it looks so great over your bed. Your whole bedroom is how serene it is!

  9. That is way too cool. I love it. Pinning it.

  10. Amazing! Just pinned it and am filing that away in my mental "to do" list.

  11. Awesome project..thank you for sharing with us.


  12. I really like the idea. I might try to do this with the votive's. You did an amazing job putting this together. New follower, stopping by from the Creative Bloggers Hop.
    Hope you stop by for a visit.

  13. Yours turned out amazing. I saw some embroidery hoops at the thrift shop,...I think I'll have to go back and see if they're still there. Creative thinking.

  14. Yours looks great. Great to have you being a part of Seasonal Sundays. Sorry to be so late in getting to visit.

    - The Tablescaper

  15. you're bedroom is totally gorgeous! And I LOVE the wall art!!! I might need to try this one!

  16. I love it! Pretty bedding too. I am gearing up to do our master soon. I am going to take a peek around : )

  17. What a beautiful room! Great decorating ideas too! Can you tell me what the paint colour and make of paint you used on your walls? It's so nice!

  18. Really appreciate you linking up this fantastic post at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. Hope you'll continually share your creativity with us at the weekly party :)

  19. Oh my goodness! You are so talented! GREAT job!!!!

  20. Thanks everyone! I am really loving our room these days.

    Arlene- I used a Farrell Calhoun's Spicenut in Eggshell Finish. It's a nice muted brown, so it's a deep color without making the room feel too dark. Farrell Calhoun actually doesn't have this exact color in their deck anymore, but you can ask them to mix it and they will. It's from the "Historical Paint Deck" and the mix number is 8755A.

  21. Your master bedroom looks great. I am a new follower, hope you can follow back.


  22. I've chosen you for Versatile Blogger. See my blog for details.

  23. The idea and concept is amazing. Hats off to your imagination. You have make a small place looks so beautiful and fabulous. Thanks for giving me idea from your design.

  24. What color are your bedroom walls I love it!!! Do you know the brand and exact color? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      For the wall color we used a Farrell Calhoun's Spicenut in Eggshell Finish. It's a nice muted brown, so it's a deep color without making the room feel too dark. Farrell Calhoun actually doesn't have this exact color in their deck anymore, but you can ask them to mix it and they will. It's from the "Historical Paint Deck" and the mix number is 8755A.

  25. This is great. You were featured Come by and grab a button.

  26. Hi Sarah,
    Loved your idea and room. I'm planning to make this. I've a few questions.
    1)Did you use both the outer and inner loops?
    2)Did you join both the loops together before assembling it all together?

    1. I am cheap, so yep I used both the inner and outer hoops. I am not sure what you are asking for Question #2. I laid out the whole thing how I wanted it before I assembled the whole thing. Then I went back and hot glued as I had laid out. Hope this helps!

  27. I just found this....great job! I have wanted to PB one for over two years, but didn't want to spend the money. I got a GC for christmas, but still not sure I want to pay that kind of money. You have inspired me!!!

  28. TOTALLY love it!!!! I made it over the weekend and my friend thought I bought it!!!

  29. Has anyone made this, and included the votive candles?


    1. Hi Sarah,

      The wall decor looks amazing! I have tried a similar project but its very simple. Your idea of joining the loops is awesome!!

      Here is my simple wall decor with loops -

      Visit my blog when u get time. Will be happy to receive ur comments :)

  30. this is something i will definately try, and its similar to the art work ive been eyeing from bed bath and beyond (for 200 bucks). Also weve been on the hunt for a new living room color and I L.O.V.E. the color of your walls in your BR. what is it? and who is it by? Thanks! (new follower) -Emily :)

    1. For the wall color we used a Farrell Calhoun's Spicenut in Eggshell Finish. It's a nice muted brown, so it's a deep color without making the room feel too dark. Farrell Calhoun actually doesn't have this exact color in their deck anymore, but you can ask them to mix it and they will. It's from the "Historical Paint Deck" and the mix number is 8755A.

  31. A year later :-). Lol they are still selling it on PB, so I thought to check to see if you had done this already. What do you think about adding tea lights or probably led ones? There are a couple of ideas I have for the candle holders-goodwill had 100's of hoops yesterday!! Some as big as hoola-hoops!

    1. I thought about adding tea lights, and even bought some from the dollar store. Ultimately I decided I liked it better without them. Also, I was a bit concerned about having fire on my wall...especially since these hoops are wooden rather than metal like PB. Link back if you complete it, I would love to see it! Thanks for the comment!