Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ready to Shower!

We're SOOOO close to being able to take a shower in OUR bathroom again that I can smell it....literally. The glass walls and door were installed in the shower today and something they used actually does stink. Heehee! But I don't care because our bathroom is looking FANTASTIC. Especially when you consider where it started at (see the original post HERE, the demo HERE, and he rebuild HERE). There are still walls to painted (no those half walls are not staying purple), trim to be replaced and painted, and a few other things to be done...but in just a few short days after the doors settle I can use OUR shower!! I've been grateful to have an extra bathroom in my house, but I will be SOOOO happy to have mine (errrr I mean ours) back. :)

So here's some pictures from today:
TADA!!! The shower!!!
(please ignor the purple wall)

View from our bedroom hallway..still ignoring the purple wall

View from the closet. (again ignor the purple wall)

and here's a detailed view of the awesome tile mosaic :) LOVE!

So lets look back at the shower 2 months ago:
and here it is today:


  1. Oh. My. Word. So wonderfully jealous!! That looks awesome!

  2. Holy crap that is absolutely gorgeous. And it'll look even better when you get to use it, lol.