Friday, August 6, 2010

Shopping Thrifty!

I went to one thrift store earlier this week. Then I got off early to celebrate a big work accomplishment today, so what do you think me and a gal pal went to do? Thrift, of course! Together we went to 2 new thrift stores...she struck gold and fold 2 fabulous formals for a FRACTION of their original price. I didn't get as lucky at those. After we parted ways, I stopped by 2 more thrifts on my way home. Here's my weeks worth of thrift goods.

First, I snagged this awesome wall clock and Pottery Barn Gallery Frame earlier in the week. I think both will look fabulous in my slow-to-get-decorated extra bedroom.

Today, I snagged these brand new work sandals. They have NO marks on the soles one bit, so I know they've at least never been worn off carpet. Then I also got the $2 roll of wallpaper to line some of my unlined cabinets as I'm reorganizing the kitchen. This seemed like a cheaper, easier option than using Contact paper.
Thats it for my thrifting week...I am gonna try to keep myself out of them for the weekend.
Happy Thrifting!


  1. I dont know where you live but you have awesome Thrift stores!! great deals!!

  2. I will tell you that I have learned that finding good deals at thrift stores take patience. That is key. Also, in my experience timing is everything. It seems that during the day (8 to 5ish) thrifts have a lot of workers tagging incoming items and placing them on the shelves. If I go immediately after work on a weekday, I seem to find something decent most of the time. The weekends are a tossup just because they are so busy and the shelves are so picked over. Also, the more frequently you go, you'll notice how quickly the entire stores stock turns over. Another thing I do is take my time looking at the shelves and trying to envision potential in the items they have. Hope that helps you're thrifting!