Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Look Alikes or Real Deal: PB Lanterns

So I love love love the outdoor lanterns that are making their way inside everyone's homes as decorations. Of course all the big, expensive home furnishing stores are getting in on the lantern loving. Pottery Barn has LOTS of lanterns for the choosing. Here's a few examples and links to the lanterns:
Fluted Red Lanterns                             Park Hill Lanterns

And then theres my personal favorite, the X Lantern...
but of course it doesn't come in white and if I put it on a dark shelf, the black just wouldn't show up and show it's true beauty. Of course, I could always paint it, but who wants to paint (much less actually buy) a $79 lantern. Not me! So I began the hunt for knock off....and just when I wasn't looking for it, I found it! Old Time Pottery had these great knock offs which are the size of the PB Medium X Lantern for $4.99 They even came in an off-white! Score! Here's a quick pic of it in it's new home on my shelf.
Love it! Has anyone else scored any great knockoffs or found a "real-deal" at a fab price lately? If so, share.

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