Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Five 8x10 Pics for FREE at (just pay $2.99 shipping)

Thursday, August 19th you can get 5 8x10s for only $2.99 shipping. This is a great price. One 8x10 at Walgreens (which is blah quality) is $2.99. Instead you can get 5 printed from RitzPix which is nice quality (not professional, but WAY better than Wags) for $2.99 shipped directly to your house. 

Need pics printed but just not 8x10s? Do what I did! I needed some 5x5s printed for some square frames I have...So I opened up all the pics I printed in a photo program, opened a new blank 8x10 document, resized my pics to the size I needed,  and layered them on the 8x10 documents. Now for my five 8x10s, I will be getting 5 5x5s and 5 4x6s for $2.99. Not bad!

Click HERE to check the details.
(PS...I uploaded mine today and will just order tomorrow, because chances are tomorrow their servers will be bogged down.)

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