Monday, June 28, 2010

My RiteAid Deals this week!

Here's the deals I did at RiteAid this week:

Transaction #1-

2 John Freida Heat Defeat Spray- $5.00 each
2 John Freida Straight Fixation- $5.00 each
1 Tresemme 32 oz Shampoo- $3.99
1 Crest Pro-Health Sensitive Toothpaste- $2.99
Less RiteAid Coupons:
$5/$25 VV Coupon
$1/$10 Haircare Wellness Coupon

$2.00 off Tresemme June VV Coupon
$1.00 +UP Reward (from transaction a few weeks ago)
Less Manufacturers Coupons:
$1.00 off Crest Toothpaste (P&Gs free Rouge Magazine)
$1.00 off Tresemme Product
Less SCRs:
$2.99 Crest SCR #131
Total= 12.99

Received $11 in +UPRewards ($10- John Freida, $1-Tresemme)

Transaction #2-
Wahls HomePro Hair Cutting System- $24.99
Huggies Jeans Diapers Jumbo Pack- $8.99
Less RiteAid Coupons:
$5/$25 VV Coupon
$10 off Wahls Product June VV Coupon
$1 off Huggies May VV Coupon (exp 6/30)
$11 off +UP Rewards from Transaction #1
Less Manufacturers Coupons:
$3.00 off Huggies
Less SCRs:
$2 Huggies SCR #42
$5 Wahls SCR #72
Less Manufacturers Mail-in-Rebates:
$5 Wahls Rebate
Total= $8.02 OVERAGE

Total Riteaid Trip= $4.97
which is less than the cost of one John Freida on sale!

The Fine Print:
#1- I could've used two of the $3/2 John Freida Luxurious Volumes and got it ALL free plus overage,

but I like the frizz ease stuff and would pay a few bucks more to get it.

#2- You must have a RiteAid Wellness Card (FREE) to get the sale prices and to use RA Coupons. You can sign up in store.

#3- In case you are STILL wondering why I bought the diapers, they're once again used to get my $$ back (from Transaction #1) in SCRs. They are not for any particular reason. I promise. And if we never need them, I can always donate them or put them in a Baby Shower gift.

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