Sunday, October 10, 2010

RiteAid- FREEBATES!! Stockup on medicines for FREE!

This is what the last page of my RiteAid ad looks like and boy does it look good! Remember my post from last week (HERE) where I said I was going to turn my +UPRewards to cash? Well, today I did, but regardless of whether you have any +UPs or not you can get EVERYTHING on the page above for FREE and actually you can turn the entire transaction into a MONEYMAKER. So stockup on your cold and allergy meds for the winter this week on RiteAid. 

Here's what I did (and obviously you can leave off or add as you'd like I just got as close to $25 as possible):
(1) Sucrets Throat Lozenges- $2.99
(1) Palmers Lip Butter- $1.99
(1) Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment- $1.49
(1) PediaCare Cough or Multisymptom Syrup- $4.99
(1) Kids-Eeze CoughCold or Allergy Chews- $4.99
(1) Comtrex Cold or Sinus Medicine- $3.99
(1) NeilMed NasalMist Moisturizing Spray- $5.99
Less Coupons:
(1) $.55 off Blistex Coupon (found on product in store)
=$17.88 OOP
(I used  my +UP from last weeks transaction to make my OOP lower, but regardless all this stuff is more than FREE)
Less RiteAid Single Check Rebates (SO EASY!):
(1) SCR #9 Sucrets Throat Lozenges- $2.99
(1) SCR #10 Palmers Lip Butter- $1.99
(1) SCR #11 Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment- $1.49
(1) SCR #12 PediaCare Cough or Multisymptom Syrup- $4.99
(1) SCR #16 Kids-Eeze CoughCold or Allergy Chews- $4.99
(1) SCR #15 Comtrex Cold or Sinus Medicine- $3.99
(1) SCR #19 NeilMed NasalMist Moisturizing Spray- $5.99
Less Mail-in Rebates:
=$14.54 MONEYMAKER!!!!

Now remember, you MUST have a RiteAid Wellness Card before you can do any deals at RiteAid (Kinda like the Kroger card for Kroger). The RiteAid Wellness Card is FREE and you CAN SIGN UP IN STORE. After signing up in store and you buy items that qualify for the Single Check Rebate (SCR), you go to On, you sign into their SCR program and enter your receipt information. Thats it! Then they send you a check for the SCR items. LOVE RITEAID for this! NO stamps needed for their SCRS.

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