Monday, September 27, 2010

GROUPON of the DAY!!!! $10 for to $20!!

Have you ever used Groupon? I've used it 4 times now. What is Groupon? Groupon is a group buying website that allows you to purchase different gift cards/certificates at a DISCOUNTED rate. So in the past I've purchased a $25 for only $15! I purchased a $10 Moes Southwest Grill Gift Card for only $5! And I HAVE used them and they WORK great. I especially love getting the online drugstore type groupons, because then I can use them on items that I never get at a discounted price in store. My certificate I used to buy my contact solution thats regularly $12 a bottle. So I got 2 bottles of the solution and a $.99 chapstick shipped to my door and only paid the groupon price! Whoo-hoo!! So why am I telling you this today??? Well there's another fantastic groupon deal available today and it's from sells everything from makeup, cleaning supplies, eye care items, etc. The groupon cost s$10 for a $20 gift certificate. I definitely snatched this one up and plan on using it for probably more contact stuffs. So how can you get in on the groupon?

Click HERE to sign up for Groupon. Click "Visit More Cities" and then choose Atlanta. (Note: you DO NOT need to live in Atlanta to get this deal). The groupon will show up and choose to purchase. 

I just love good deals delivered directly to my door!

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