Monday, August 9, 2010

Dining Room Decisions! Help!?

Remember a few weeks ago I talked about the different lighting options for my dining room and living room? We really had not done anything as far as decorating goes in there. 
Here's what the dining room looked like at that point:
We really wanted a drum shade chandelier and I had looked at a lot of the options available on CSN Stores. Well, we did find the perfect drum shade chandelier HERE. We had actually gotten a coupon in the mail from them for 7% off and also got free shipping. This chandelier was was really hard to find an affordable drum shade chandelier that was both wide enough and long enough for our tall ceilings. This chandelier completely fit the bill. Here's a pic of it in my dining room.
And that will be the only sneak peak of our dining room that you get for now. Because now I need your help again....I am trying to determine what to do on or around the walls. They are quite bare. 

Would you snag one of these buffets/hutch combos to go on one of the back walls?
Positives is that it would allow for nice dishes and other items to be displayed up top, but also allow for closed door storage below. Negatives though would be that a piece of furniture this big in my small dining room could make it feel even smaller and the wood could take away that light airy feeling we have right now.

Another thing I was thinking about was wainscoting (or faux-waincoting) below the chair rail on all the walls and then display white dishes on the walls on either side window.

Here's a few pics of examples of dishes displayed on the wall:

The table while it's smallish and only has 4 chairs is gonna have to stay for now. We really like the counter height table and somaybe one day we can upgrade to the 8 person version of the table we have...which is also available at CSN Stores HERE. For now, we'll have to settle for upgrading the linens (or should I say the lack thereof) and other tabletop wear. I love plain, yet textured items, so something like this super textured runner from CSN's would be perfect especially if there were coordinating napkins!
Another thing we're thinking about it whether we should get a rug for under the table. We don't have wood in the dining room, so it'd be carpet on carpet which I have no problem with....I just am not sure if thats the swanky dining room look I want. If we do decide to get one, I would probably get an indoor/outdoor version like this one from DiningRoomDirect because it would be easily washable. (We really do use our dining room on a daily basis so would be good).

So these are the ideas we have right now? What would you do?

Soon as we're closer to being finished, I'll do a big reveal of the space!


  1. Love the linens and wall plates design! And with the wall plates you could still do a buffet to add additional storage. As for the carpet? I would say no. Only because I would think it would box in your dining room. And it's so airy now, I would hate to lose that.

  2. OOooo good idea to do just the buffet and yet hang plates on the wall! Thanks Susan! I'm thinking no on the rug too. We have rug on carpet in the connecting living room, so I think doing it in the dining room may be too much! Thanks!