Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shopping Thrifty . . . Literally! :)

Yesterday, we decided to hit up a couple fairly large thrift stores. First, we stopped by the Goodwill Store. It's been around for quite awhile and gets tons of traffic. Secondly, we stopped by the brand new Salvation Army Store. It's so big and nice. Its very impressive for a thrift store, but its a bit more expensive than Goodwill (although they run sales on random days). It's still been a good bit since the last time I'd stopped at a thrift store, because they're just not on my way anywhere really. When we first walked in, I remembered how much a I LOVED thrifting. How awesome is it to walk into a store and every single day it's filled with something different!? I love's my favorite store, but it's well...predictable. Know what I mean? You go in a Monday for Milk and go back in a Friday for a dress, and the same stuff that was there on Monday is still there on Friday. Thrift stores are SOOO different. They get "new" stuff daily. I have no problem buying used clothes, furniture, housewares, etc, so thrifting is great with me. Check out my finds!
The large decorative filled bottle was only $7.99!! It still had the $40 Steinmart tag on the bottom! The small decorative filled bottle was $2.99, and still had the $20 Steinmart tag on the bottom! The wire shelf was $2.99. I had actually planned on buying one of these at Target yesterday, (for a kitchen reorganization that one day I will reveal)  but instead snagged it for probably a third of the price. All it needed was a bath. The wide mouth Mason Jar was $2.99. I really wanna find more of these to store my sugar and stuff in. The black floor length skirt is the only thing I got at the Salvation Army store. It's originally from the GAP. It was tagged at $4.99, but they were running half off yellow tags and it was yellow tagged. So a great score at $2.50!
Above is another closeup of the awesome bottles. I'd seriously been wanting some of these, but they are just too rich for my blood from "real" stores. I'd seen these at Amazon.
Super reasonably priced at only $14.99 for all 3, but when I saw that big massive one at Goodwill I couldn't pass it up. I will definitely be doing more thrifting in the future. Anyone else gotten anything great at thrifts lately?

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