Wednesday, May 26, 2010

RiteAid Deals: 05/23 - 05/29

There are just so many scenarios you could do at RiteAid right now. Hubby needed hair gel again though, so I was excited to see it on sale at that was the main reason I went. Here's the transactions I did:

Transaction #1
2 Purex 3-N-1s Laundry Detergent- $8.99 each and BOGO
1 Cascade Powder Dishwasher Detergent- $2.99
Less RiteAid Coupons:
(1) $5 off $20 purchase VV Coupon
(2) $2 off Purex VV Coupon
(1 from my VV acct and 1 from DHs)
Less Manufacturers Coupons:
(2) $1 Purex Coupon
OOP= $.73 cents plus tax
Less SCR:
$2.00 Cascade SCR
=$1.27 OVERAGE

Transaction #2
5 Loreal Paris Hair Gel- $3.50 each
1 Bic Soleil Razor 4pk- $6.49
1 Gatorade 32 oz- $.99
Less RiteAid Coupons:
(1) $5 off $25 purchase VV Coupon
(1) $1 off $10 Hair Care Purchase Wellness+ Coupon
(1) $.20 off Gatorade VV Coupon

Less Manufacturers Coupons:
(5) $1 off Loreal Paris Coupon
(1) $3 off Bic Soleil Razors Coupon (5/2 SS)
OOP= $10.78 plus tax
Less SCR:
$2.00 Bic Soleil SCR
=$8.78 TOTAL

TOTAL RiteAid Trip: $7.51
which is like the price of just 2 of hubby's hair gels!

Be sure to sign up in store (or online, but you get your card/number quicker in store) for your Wellness+ Card in order to get the sale prices and be able to use the Wellness Coupons.

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