Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sometimes it Costs Less to Buy More!

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes your OOP (Out of Pocket) costs can be LESS if you buy MORE than you need. :) There are several ways this can be true and here's my real life example of that. (A few of my friends have already heard this.)

So....I needed to print some pictures from our recent trip to Asia.
Floating House in the Aberdeen Fishing Village in Hong Kong.

Me and DH on a Sampan boat in the Aberdeen Fishing Village in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Skyline during their nightly lightshow.

Inside the Chiang Kaishek Memorial in Taipai, Taiwan.

Inside the Pao An Temple in Taipai, Taiwan.

Buddhists worshipping inside the Pao An Temple in Taipai, Taiwan.

Ok, so enough pictures for now...back to the story.

So I sent my pictures to Walgreens to be printed. Online it said my total was $4.93 tax and all for the pictures. All I needed from Walgreens were the pictures. Nothing else. But here's the transactions I did to get my pictures cheaper.

Transaction #1-
1 Dove Shampoo $4.00
Less $2.00 Coupon
=$2.19 tax and all
Received $4 in RR (Register Rewards)

Transaction #2-
1 Set of Pictures $4.93
1 Airwick IMotion $3.99
Less $4 AirWick Coupon (all prints are gone)
Less $4 RR from Transaction #1
=92 cents

Total of both Transactions= $3.11

If I'd purchased just the pictures it would have been $4.93
Instead I paid $3.11 and got my pictures PLUS Shampoo and Airwick!
= SAVED $1.82 for buying MORE than I needed!

So, if you have to buy anything at Walgreens this week (other than prescriptions or alcohol), first buy the Dove Shampoo using a coupon and you will save $2 off your purchase and get free shampoo. :)

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