Saturday, December 4, 2010

There's a new button my blog...

I'm really not very good at setting up things on my blog. It took me forever to figure out how to get a nice background up, how to have a custom font, for my title (and even longer on how to center that title), how to stick buttons on the side, etc. So unless someone offers to redo the whole thing for me,  Iwill probably keep this same look for a very long time. BUT... a few things about it have been bugging me. 

#1- The "Cooking" button was below "Couponing" button...which is out of order alphabetically. It's not like it really matter in the grand scheme of things though, so I decided to leave it until it bugged me enough to fix it. 
#2- I had no "Crafting" button. I just had some words with a link underneath the "Scrapping" button. Well, today I finished another crafting project (which I will share in a bit) and it made me decide that Crafting needed a button....and needed it today.

So today I made those 2 changes to the blog. You can see the changes to the buttons, as well as, the new crafting button over to the right. 

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