Monday, December 20, 2010

Roadside Rescue!

A family in my neighborhood appears to be remodeling some of their house (you fellow dumpster divers and curbside checkers already know where this is going don't you...wink wink). Every time I passed their house this weekend, I have watched the pile of random carpet scraps (not worth going for) and other miscellany hit the curbside. Nothing worth stopping was ever put out.....til this morning!! This morning I passed and a wooden pallet in great condition was there on top of that pile of carpet remnants. I was dressed for work though, so I passed. All day I wondered if that palette would be there when the work day ended. Wood Pallets are a golden find in trash terms (if there can be such a thing) and so I was certain someone would pass by and toss it in their truck. At the end of the day, though WHOOT! It was there!!! So now I have a pallet in my garage....hmmmm the possibilities are endless. I see a project in my near future!

Thanks D for walking with me and carrying my trash treasure in the bitter cold and biting wind! Love u!

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