Monday, October 25, 2010

Walgreens- Freebies and Moneymakers this week

Here's what you can snag at Walgreens this week free or better than free:
Contac Cold & Flu- $6
Get $6 RR at Checkout
=FREE plus $2 Moneymaker

Colgate Sensitive & Sensitive Enamel Protect- $3.50
Less: $1.00 Coupon or $.75 Coupon (Oct All You) or $1.00 Coupon (10/10 SS)
Get $3.50 RR at Checkout
=FREE plus $1 Moneymaker

Mentos Gum 15 pc- $.99 (using in-ad coupon)
Less $1.00 off Mentos Gum (10/3 SS) (give this q before the in-ad q)

Chestal Adult Cough Syrup- $6
Get $6 Mail In Rebate printed at Checkout

Children's Mucinex Syrup- $6.99
Get $6.99 Mail In Rebate printed at Checkout

Pill Swallowing Glide- $5.99
Get $5.99 Mail In Rebate printed at Checkout

Now what deals did I do? Here's what I did in 4 separate transactions:
(4) Mentos Gum- $.99 each (with in ad q)
(8) Mitchem Deodorant- $1.99 each (with in ad q)
(2) Contac Cold & Flu- $6.00
(3) Colgate Sensitive- $3.49
(2) Tuf Paper Towels- $.99
(2) Quilted Paper Towels- $1.50
(1) Execedrin PM- $3.99
(1) $.75 Colgate Coupon (October All You)
(4)  $1.00 off Mentos Gum (10/3 SS)
(2) $6.00 Contac RR
(3) $3.50 Colgate RR
(1) $2.50 RR rolled from last week
=$15.57 TOTAL for 4 transactions (The deodorant is regularly $3.99 so I got 8 plus all the other stuff for the price of 4 deos!)

For your own transactions, you would just use the Register Rewards to purchase what you TP, over the counter meds, drinks, etc. I was just out of deo so thats what I used my RR on this week.

If you are new to the Walgreens game, then click on the "How to Shop @ Walgreens" button on the right hand side.

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