Sunday, October 17, 2010

RiteAid- another week of FREEBATES!!

RITEAID is at it again with FREEBATES!!! What are FREEBATES? It's where you get the ENTIRE cost of the product you buy back in a cash rebate! And RiteAid's rebate system could not be easier. First,you MUST have a RiteAid Wellness Card before you can do any deals at RiteAid (Kinda like the Kroger card for Kroger). The RiteAid Wellness Card is FREE and you CAN SIGN UP IN STORE. After signing up in store and you buy items that qualify for the Single Check Rebate (SCR), you go to On, you sign into their SCR program and enter your receipt information. Thats it! Then they send you a check for the SCR items. LOVE RITEAID for this! NO stamps needed for their SCRS.

ALL the deals below are FREE or BETTER than FREE after the SCR!!!

ThermaCare Back Patch- $2.99
Dr. Thompson’s Coldwar Extended Relief Tablets - $3.99
Children’s Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Medicine- $4.99 
BodiHeat Beyond Wraps- $2.99
TheraMax Allergy or Cold & Flu Spray- $6.99
Blink Tears- $7.99
Cold Buster Warming Syrup- $6.69
Bee M.D. Cough Drops- $2.49
BioGuard Advanced Probiotic Ear, Nose and Throat Care Tablets- $6.99 
Simply Saline Children’s Nasal Mist- $3.99
Simply Saline Adult's Nasal Mist- $3.99
Chestal Children’s Honey- $4.99  
(1) ThermaCare $2.99 (SCR #23)
(1) Blink Tears $7.99 (SCR #32)
(1) Oscillo $4.99 (SCR #25)
(1) TheraMax $6.99 (SCR #29)
(1) BodiHeat $2.99 (SCR #27)
(1) Dr. Thompson’s Coldwar $3.99 (SCR #28)
(1) Cold Buster $6.69 (SCR #24) 
(1) BioGuard $6.99 (SCR #21)
(1) Bee M.D. $2.49 (SCR #22) 
(1) Simply Saline Children’s $3.99 (SCR #31)
(1) Simply Saline $3.99 (SCR #30) 
(1) Chestal Children’s $4.99 (SCR #26) 
(course you could split it into 2 transactions and use two $5/$25 and make it a $16 MONEYMAKER too) 

I did a smaller version of the transaction since I didn't need or want all of the freebates. I bought everything that had a coupon and I also bought the cough drops and the BodiHeat Wraps. I will still have around a $9 moneymaker, but since I didn't need it all I figured I'd leave it for those who did.
Have a great time shopping this week!


  1. How often does Rite Aid do these? I haven't noticed any the last several weeks. :(

    RachAHansen at msn dot com


  2. Hi Rachel,
    RiteAid runs one or two freebates in their ads a few times a month now. (They used to have them in their every week.) Then a few times a year they do a whole page of freebates like they did above....keep a watch out here and I will inform you when I see any freebates at RiteAid. Thanks for reading my little space in the blog world! :)