Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

While we were in Hong Kong earlier in the year, I saw a shop in Stanley Market called "Pet's Pet." They sold "traditional Chinese" dresses, shoes, collars, etc. for pets. Of course, I HAD to buy Sophie a China girl dress. LOL. No, I normally don't dress my pup up, but for special occasions I will put her in something. She has a football jersey for use during special games, a santa outfit for Christmas, for Halloween I put her Chinese dress on her.

And here's a shot from above so you can see the detail on it. At first she liked the dress, but in this picture she wasn't sure she liked it anymore and tucked her tail.

And then in this picture, she ran upstairs to show D her dress and he told her she was she's happy again. What girl doesn't like to be told shes pretty??
Happy Halloween!

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