Friday, September 10, 2010

Northeast Asia Trip- 2 Days at Sea!

March 10 & 11, 2010- At Sea (Day 6&7)
Our next stop after leaving Taiwan was to Nagasaki, Japan. D & I had been to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, the site of the horrific bombing that led to entrance of the United States into World War II.  We were looking forward to visiting the atomic bomb museum there in Nagasaki. Seeing how that bombing led to surrender and leading to the end of World War II.
God, however, had a different course for our ship. We got caught in the middle of 2 opposing storms.  The waves were CRAZY. We've been on quite a few ships, but had never seen anything like this. The captain of the Quest, Captain Carl Smith, gave updates over the loud speaker and even he said he'd never experienced waves like these in all his days at sea. The waves were averaging 8-10 meters each, but the biggest issue was due to the waves from the opposing storms crashing. The waves caused by the different storms were going different directions (i.e. one storm's waves went north to south and the other storm's waves went east to west). Everytime these crashed together, it felt like the ship had wrecked into another ship. For every "step" we took forever, the storm pushed us 2 "steps" backward. It rained, it snowed, temperature dropped drastically, and TONS of people got sick (even the ships crew). They staff tied everything down. We went to the Windows Cafe (the buffet) to eat, but it was really hard. Not beause we were sick, but because the tables are topped with marble....which is beautiful, but it means when the ship is rockin' and rollin' your glasses of water slide right off, your food doesn't necessarily stay on your plate, and your utensils don't always make it into your mouth.  LOL...actually it was kinda funny to see people struggling to walk "uphill" when the ship rocked one way and then start running when the ship rocked the opposite direction. 
What wasn't funny was the fact that we missed Japan. God kept us safe through the whole thing though ....and we did get another surprise, but I'll save that for another day. For now I will leave you with 2 videos of the horrible seas.

This first video is from the Windows Cafe (the buffet) at the back of the ship. I had to go by myself though, the very back and front of the ship is worst when the waves are bad. Our room was in the middle and D stayed put there. One thing about the video...WATCH THE HORIZON LINE.

This second video, I took from our room. Our room was on the 7th Floor!!! Theses waves make it look like it's at sea level.

next stop, Korea.

to be continued...

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