Thursday, June 25, 2015

I'm back and I brought someone new...

It's been over a year since my last post. Not because I haven't been doing projects and not because I haven't been's because we did IVF and by Gods grace got pregnant and had a sweet baby 7 days ago. I had a private blog I kept during the IVF and his transfer that I will either open or copy to here....and I will begin journaling our days here.  I did make a pregnancy journal of sorts for him too that will eventually post. I will still post projects ( like the things I made for his room!!) here but at the advice of a friend (Susan!!) I will also start sharing life. 

So here we go...

This morning was the first morning that Sophie was home and Mr. T was home! It's gonna take sone getting used to, for sure, but Sophie seems to be okay with him so far. Of course, she's still tired from staying at my parents while we were in the hospital. Here's a pic taken while I was feeding T. See she looks happy here doesn't she!?

Mr. T has only been home from the NICU for one day and it was already time to get him out again....and boy he was awake for the ride. 

The reason for our venture out is for his newborn pictures! Yep, he was originally scheduled got Tuesday, but because of the NICU stay it had to be put off...but we still want them done while he's newborn wrinkly, so today the day. Mama and T didn't even leave the walls of the hospital from his birth (6/18 @12:15pm) til his release from the NICU (6/23 @ noon)... And since then we've not left the walls of our this is an adventure!

Well after 2 hours being at the photographers  studio he has eaten 2oz of breastmilk, got a 15 minute case of hiccups, ate 2 oz of formula, pooped and peed on the photographers wraps, and pooped and peed on mom, but we've yet to get a picture til JUST now.

At the end of his session, we had nakey pics with mom and dad...well, when they did dad and T pictures, T ended up projectile pooping and peeing! Heehee!

The photographer asked if we wanted his stork bites edited out. My gut reaction says no. They are a part of my beautiful babe. Apparently only one or two other people have left them and she's photographed hundreds of babies. Sigh! What  to do.

We are adjusting to life as a family of 3 with a pup about as well as can be expected. I love the mama life so far! Of course, that may change when D goes back to work. The biggest concern right now I have with Mr. T is this breastfeeding business. Mr. T pretty much hates nursing. He will only really truly nurse well once a day when he's really sleepy and he will only do that til he realizes it's the breast not the bottle. Additionally he only gets about 12 hours of sleep when breastfeeding because he's so hangry and lazy. There's reasons why breastfeeding is best, and I always pictured breastfeeding til he's a year old....but it doesn't mean breastfeeding is what is best for him. I will do a whole post on him and his NICU stay and breastfeeding and bottle feeding and formula at some point. But either way, I'm doing what my mama gut tells me to each time I feed him (and each meal can be and usually is different!) and then we will talk it through with the pediatrician on Monday. 

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