Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Independence Day Break and a Flag Cake!

So I took a little Independence Day (ok, fine it was a whole week, but whatever... don't judge) break from blogging. That didn't mean that I took a break from working on projects...I'm primed, painted, sawed, put up poles (I'll get to that in the next post), worked in the yard, cleaned the house, ironed all my work clothes, cooked dinners for the freezer and on and on the list went. 

I did make some yummies specifically for the 4th too. We had Crockpot BBQ Chicken, Baked Beans, Chips, and Flag Cake....yup, FLAG CAKE! I got all inspired (and hungry) by Michele over at Decor and the Dog to make the crazy flag cake.  I mean check out her cake.

It's all a hot mess, but man does it look delicious. I mean it's not just me that had a watering mouth when you first set eyes on that glorious disaster is it? Well, I decided that I would also make one of these....and I decided it would be for the cookout at my in-laws house....and I decided to do this only like 2 hours before the event....and I discovered I didn't have the ingredients for it (well, at least the food coloring).

I put it together using the instructions from Glorious Treats. Mine woulda been fabulous I tell ya....had I not thrown that thing together while it was hot. But I still think it turned out cute....AND TASTY!

What do you think? I'd make it again for sure...when I had more time!

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