Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Where is Sarah!?

So I haven't posted since early July and I am sure you wondered why.....or maybe you didn't wonder anything at all. Maybe you have forgotten about me....or maybe you didn't because I am too awesome to forget. Just kidding! Whatever the case here's what's been up.
(WARNING: longest post without pictures ever!)
First of all, July, August, and half of September were CRAZY busy at work. Crappy, crazy actually. DH and I are both tax accountant for corporations the months leading up to September are always busy....but for me this one has been my worst yet. I think I lost all sense of a work-life balance and it sucked. It can't happen again.
Secondly, in the middle of that madness, DH and I "happened upon" a house. A beautiful, gorgeous foreclosure. I say "happened upon," but honestly it can only be explained as God placing it in our lives. I still have no idea why we are to move and may never know why .... but how we stumbled upon it, how we both felt the tug towards it, how the price was lowered the day after we toured it, and how we both prayed about putting in an offer and came up with the same amount makes me know that God was in it. But either way, the process was still crazyness....I mean we bought a house from the government, so everything goes through 5 or 6 different people before it reaches a decision-maker. With so many people involved, things always seemed confusing.
Also, once we had the house under contract, we decided it would be prudent to put our current house up for sale. This was both of our first times selling a house and let me just's no cake walk. We cleaned like crazy and took down a few personal items. We were blessed and had 2-4 showings each week the first 2 weeks. Our second showing, we forgot and set the house the agent of course set it off. The security called our cell and we stopped the police from coming. Of course, that didn't turn the alarm off though...and we didn't know the showing I called our home phone and luckily the agent answered. But she was FRANTIC! Screaming into the phone "I am an agent and this alarm wont go off and I told you I don't know the code." Eventually, I calmed her down and told her the code....only to have her HOLLAR it out loud several times in front of the potential buyers. oh me. That was early (why does everyone want to look at home at the crack of dawn!?) Saturday. Sunday we came home from church and DH noticed something up with the keybox...because of our security doors the keybox was on the mailbox at the street. He went to check it out and found that the agent on Saturday hadn't locked it! Our keys had been sitting at the street open for all since Saturday morning and anyone could've walked in! But of course, God was watching out for us. Then we had people come in and want to buy our furniture.....and then there was the couple that looked on a Sunday and asked if we could be out by the following Friday. But we had been praying....praying for the right people and the right offer. Specifically, I had been praying for a legitimate offer before we went on vacation.
Then we had some extreme saddness....Dustin's grandmother got gravely ill. It started with pneumonia and other things pursued, but ultimately she lost her battle with pneumonia. She left her earthly body behind on September 11th. She professed to be a born-again Christian and so while we will miss her now, I know that one day we will see her again. And her skinny little body will be longer plagued with diabetes, no longer suffering from pneumonia.....nope in Heaven she will be whole...and I am sure she will still snappy self.
Then the day after Dustin's grandmother's passing, my ears were killing me, so I headed to the doc. Verdict: a fever of almost 101, sinus infection, and a double ear infection....and a HEADACHE. Ugh! But I got a shot and lots of meds....all should be well after that right?
Anyhow, remember how I said, I had been praying for a legitimate offer before we went on vacation? Well, God is good....and I might should've refined my prayers just a bit. :) Literally on the way to the airport, we got a full asking price offer on our house. Whoa. Blessed. Only God. Isn't He GOOD! So we got on the airplane and discussed the offer...landed in Dallas and talked to our agent who had then had a chance to read the whole offer....they wanted my fridge and us to pay closing. Our next plane got delayed....we decided to counter with everything the same except removing the fridge in the kitchen and giving them our old fridge in the garage and lowered how much we'd pay for we got on another plane and landed in Seattle at 1 2 am we headed to the hotel business center to print the full offer....we crossed out the fridge and amended the closing costs and faxed it over...went to bed at 3am....woke up to our agent calling at 6am that they accepted our counter....we got on a cruiseship at 11am....we talked to our agent again....they wanted to close 3 days after we got off the cruise....uh oh!....cruiseship leaves seattle....We tried to plan our move from the cruiseship, but it was difficult with a lack of phones and SLOW the headache that I had when I was sick NEVER quit! (and to this day still hasn't, so I am headed back to the doctor tomorrow) we decided we should head home (or if you have 2 homes do you say head homes? lol!) we had a couple days at sea on the cruise before the ship arrived in San Francisco.
To enter San Fran, the ship sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge on an extremely foggy afternoon (is there ever a non foggy afternoon in San Fran!?). We got to see Alcatraz which was WAY cool. We took the night tour and I think that made it even creepier out there on the rock. We of course saw the trolleys and the trolleys manual turntable. Very cool. No we didn't ride one! I like my personal space a little too much to board or hang off one of those. We did see some very interesting of which was riding a fuzzy bicycle with a seat that was shaped like a booty. Yes, a butt after he passed all you saw was a big bare hiney. Oh me. Anyhow, we stayed overnight on the ship after Alcatraz....chilled on the ship the next day. Then disembarked before it left San Fran. We decided it would be safer to fly home from the US rather than Mexico....the ships next stop. We toured San Fran a little more, ordered curtains and such for the new house from the hotel, ate at Union Station, visited a Crate & Barrel!!!, and then retired to the lovely Hilton beds. We then flew home.....
We have been spending the remainder of our vacation preparing the new house for moving....and moving small stuffs over the new house. I am sad to be leaving our first house as a couple, but I do believe that it God's plan. So with that I am at peace with it. And I love our new house, so that helps.  It has not helped my headache, sinuses, or ears, so tomorrow I go back to the doctor. 3 weeks of headaches= emotional and cranky me. 
Anyhow if you've followed this longest post ever, I thank you. :) And, I will update you on our new house progress as it happens....especially if its a DIY project!

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