Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas 2011

I don't normally make a Christmas Wish List...I leave that to my middlest brother, Donnie. Every year he puts out "Donnie's Epic Christmas List- 20XX edition." I am still waiting on this years addition, so in the meantime I put together my list of online faves.

I have a recent obsession with baking homemade cookies and it'd be awesome to have two of the commercial grade wonders to bake cookies on. The sheets I have still look nice but they warp SO bad. 

Silpat Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat- $19.99 at
Then of course, I need new baking mat to protect any new baking sheets I'd get. These silpats are the tried and true baking mats. I have some Wilton ones and they work fine, but I have used to them to cook foods other than baked goods. So now savory like flavors have baked into them, so these would be nice. Then I could use the others for savory items rather than sweet.

I have the medium scoop like this and I LOVE it. It makes the size of cookie that you would expect if you baked using refrigerator dough. Now I would love to get one that makes bake shop sized cookies. This is a 3 Tbsp scoop, so I think that would be perfect.

Eureka Enviro Steam- $63.54 at
After baking sweets in the kitchen, I will definitely need to clean the floor and this Eureka Enviro Hard Surface Floor cleaner would work great. I did research and this one seems to be one of the only ones that actually gets hot enough to sanitize your floors.

 Ugg Ansley Slippers- $100 at
Gotta keep my feet toasty and comfy while baking those cookies. Plus these are just adorable. I pretty much like all the colors except the pinks and purples. I have a pair of Ugg Classic Cardys and they are probably the most comfortable shoes I own. I have a pair of Emus and a Target knock off pair, but the Uggs blow both out of the water in the comfort factor. I would assume these slippers would be the same way.
(EDIT: I am fairly certain these have been purchased for me. YAY!)

Madden Girl Prepie Boots in Black- $59.95 from DSW or $54.95 from Shoe Carnival
I have these boots in the light brown color and love them. They make a short girl taller and they are easy to walk in. I'd love of pair black boots and wouldn't mind having these in a black 7.5. It doesn't have to be this exact boot, but something similar.

Oxo Potato Masher- $11.99 at Amazon
I will be honest....I have made baked potatoes and I have made boxed mashed potatoes (yes, the flakes kind and yes, I still think they are good). But nothing beats the taste of REAL mashed potatoes, so to make em I'm gonna need a good masher. This masher I particularly like because it seems like more force can be applied easier with the horizontal handle rather than the traditional stick like handle.

Right now I am flattening meats with the bottom of a green bean can (while the meat is inside a ziploc...not raw meat to dirty can!lol!) and then I am using the edge of the can as to tenderize. It works....but its weird and awkward. One of these little babies would do the job right.

thats all I got for now ladies and gents....maybe I will add a few more items to the list tomorrow. :)

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