Saturday, December 4, 2010

FREE Excedrin Extra Strength & Migraine + $3.50 off Excedrin PM

I get migraines A LOT! I've been to the several different doctors about it....neurologists to OBGYNs, but nothing they gave me has really helped better or gave me less side effects than Excedrin. So needless to say, I go through A TON of Excedrin. Yes, I am careful to never take too much and to eat something around the time I take it. But I would dare say that I take at least 15 Excedrin a week I go through it really fast. Well, today I get up and what do I find in my inbox?? An offer for FREE Excedrin!!! Whoot! See the links below to claim your own free bottles. The site is a little slow, but I was able to get my claim through after a few minutes. HURRY THOUGH THEY WILL RUN OUT FAST!


P.S.- For my mom,
I tried to call you a few minutes ago to tell you about this but couldn't get a hold of I signed you up. Mwah! :)  Call me.

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