Sunday, October 31, 2010

Crafts: Painting my entryway light fixture!

So I really didn't mind the light in my entryway, but it just felt like it blended in with everything around it. I've posted before about the fact that I needed to do something about it. Well, I looked around at several stores, but nothing really struck me as being awesome. Plus they were all around $100....$100 for an entryway light that's not even used very often. No way, Jose! So what could I do with the light I had to snazzy it up a bit and actually make it show up?? Paint it! Plus, I actually had 2 of these lights (1 up in the entryway and 1 in a box in the garage), so if I completely junked 1 up then it wouldn't be a huge loss. So this weekend, I finally just did it.

So here's the steps I took:
#1- Take any globes and any light bulbs off the fixture. 
#2- Clean/ Dust off the fixture. (This is probably common sense, but don't use any liquids to clean it.) I used a microfiber dust cloth and a few paper towels.
#3- Prime the fixture. I used a Zinsser BIN spray primer, because....well, it's easy. Just spray. I only sprayed the side the would show. And I also made sure not to get any into the sockets.

#4- Paint the fixture. I used Valspar's Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. I used 2 light coats and let it dry an hour or so in between. Once again, I only sprayed the side that would show and again made sure not to get any in the sockets.
#5- After letting everything dry, I put the light back together and hung it. I think it looks fabulous for the $5 it cost for the spray paint! Now it doesn't blend into the wall. (the pics make it look black, but its not.  It's a dark metallic brown/bronze. The color is gorgeous. I'm thinking about what else I can paint with this color.)
Here's a before and after picture of the whole area for ya:


What do you think? Did you know that you can paint pretty much anything? So yeah, don't like one of your fixtures? Paint it. Grab a cheap fixture at a thrift store and paint it. Paint is awesome. :)

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