Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas Deals- Free Photo Calendars & Photo Canvas

Here's a few great ideas for Christmas presents! Photo Canvas and photo calendars...who wouldn't like them for Christmas? Or if you're like me you may wanna keep them as presents for yourself. Either way cheap gifts! :) So get to creating....

FREE Photo Calendar from
 #1- Sign into Vistaprint. If you're new CLICK HERE to sign up.
#2- Click HERE to begin making your calendar for free. When you're done creating your calendar, add it to your art. Bypass all the other offers they'll give you before it adds it to your cart. Bam! Free calendar. 
#3- You can use this link again (FREE Calendar- Click HERE)  to choose another calendar of a different type free if you'd like. Or you can get 10 FREE Holiday Cards Click HERE. Or Click "FREE Products" on their homepage and choose a few other products.
#4- Checkout and pay only shipping! 

I ordered a calendar, a rubber stamp, and 40 Christmas cards....
extra fees + shipping & all was $18.

FREE Photo Canvas from Canvas People
#1- Click HERE to click create your canvas.
#2- Upload your photo
#3- Choose your size. 8x10 is free but just pay shipping. The 11x14 is only $9.99 more.
#4- Checkout and you're good.

I'm uploading my pic and making mine right now. I'm doing my fluffy puppy. :)

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