Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Weekend Deals!

I didn't make it to any thrift stores this weekend, but that doesn't mean I wasn't hunting for bargains. D's birthday is Tuesday and so we went shopping for him some new work clothes at Marshalls and Target. He did get a quite a few items at bargain prices, and I also found 2 great items.
At Marshalls, I found the Kitchenaid Prep Bowl set clearanced to $4! I love prep bowls and these included 4 bowls and 4 lids (one of each of 1, 2, 3, & 4 cup). Then at Target, I found the white wood tray clearanced to $4.98. Whoohoo- perfect for my coffee table! And even better is that the bottom opens up to allow you to insert your own pictures. Thats an awesome bonus because I take SO many pics and its nice to have places to display them. (In the pic, I've already inserted my own pics. I couldn't wait. haha)
Hopefully I will make it to some thirfts later this week, but in the meantime these bargains were great.


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