Sunday, August 29, 2010

FREE after RR at Walgreens this week

Here's what's FREE after Register Rewards at Walgreens this week- no coupons required.
The trick to getting these items is to spend as little OOP (Out of Pocket) as possible and then being able to use your RRs to pay for something you have to have (milk, bread, TP, etc.). If I wanted all these items this is how I do it.
Transaction #1-
Buy 1 Pack of Protection Tampons- $1.99
Get $1.99 RR

Transaction #2-

Buy 1 Carmex Lip- $2
Use $1.99 RR from Transaction #1
OOP= $.01
Get $2 RR

Transaction #3-
Buy 1 Breathe Right- $4.00
Use $2RR from Transaction #2
OOP= $2
Get $4RR

Transaction #4-
Buy 1 Hair and Nails Supplements- $10
Use $4 RR from Transaction #3
OOP= $6
Get $10RR

OOP- $10
HAVE LEFT TO SPEND AT WALGREENS- $10 in RR- so then buy the items you NEED.

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