Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Honeymoon (Day 2)- Labadee, Haiti

So if you read our honeymoon story, you'll remember how D told me how awesome it is to go to bed and wake up in a different place. Well, he wasn't kidding. We went to sleep with the balcony curtains partially open (really, we probably just forgot to shut I'm a light sleeper so as soon as that bright Caribbean sun hit our balcony window, I was awake. I immediately looked towards the window, and WOW!!!
All I could see was this... 
View from our room.

View from our balcony.

We spent most of the time on a beach that's no longer there. But we walked around some too and this is the view from the highest place you can walk at Labadee. If you go there now, this is just past the zipline and the last "BBQ" station.

View of Labadee at sailaway

D watching Labadee get farther and farther away.
(Sigh...we we're married only 3 days at this point!)

My FAVE picture of Labadee. This shows the GORGEOUS beach that we spent the day chilling on. See the little lightguard tower? We chilled a just to the left of it in between it and the rock. This pic was taken just as the ship was almost out of the cove we had anchored in.

D and I still talk about our first stop of our honeymoon. We remember the locals walking around trying to sell their drinks saying, "La-bo-do-zee! Getcha La-bo-do-zee! Its May-dee-cay-shown for your Vay-cay-shown."  And I for one, will NEVER, EVER forget that feeling I had when I woke up  that first day on my first cruise with my wonderful husband in what has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.
Blessed beyond measure? Definitely.

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