Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bible Truth Music- FREE Kids Music!!!

According to the website over 5500 churches in America use pieces from Bible Truth Music. All of their music is 100% Christ-centered, Bible based songs. Our church not only uses some Bible Truth Music, but has also had the founder Byron Foxx come minister to us several times. There's a running joke at our church that everytime Bro. Byron comes to town, he brings bad weather but good music. It just seems everytime he's been here Satan has tried his best to keep people from coming by using tornadoes and other weather as distractions. Not only have we had Bro. Byron come to our church, but also our choir director has wrote and arranged several pieces of music for BTM. Check out their website HERE.

Your kiddos can also enjoy BTM and learn scripture while doing it and to make it even better BTM is giving away music for kids for FREE!! Yep, for FREE! From now until July 13th, you can grab kiddo music for FREE!!! CLICK HERE to go grab some Bible Tunes for your Tots. :)

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