Thursday, June 3, 2010

SWEET deal on YOUR CHOICE of items!

So Medco Health Store is offering a FABULOUS deal on their website! Get $10 OFF ANY ORDER and SHIPPING is only 99 cents! Use Coupon Code MHS10 to get the $10 off ANYTHING!

Here's the deal I did, because I needed Contact Cleaner:

I got my Contact Cleaner from there because I NEVER get coupons on it, so might as well use this discount to grab it cheap. Also they were running a special on it of B1G150% off!! Normally this cleaner runs about $12 each, but I got TWO for less than the price of 1 delivered right to my door! I am pumped about this. You, of course, could ordering something that is $10 then use the $10 off code and just pay 99 cents.

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