Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

Usually we pray for rain, but tonight is another story. Tonight, I am asking God to spare us from the heavy rains the weather stations are predicting for tonight and tomorrow. So many people have already been affected by the storms, tornadoes, and flooding. We've been really blessed so far, but I am praying for a break from the rain. You'll see why in my pictures below...

A few hours ago, we took a drive to the grocery store because I wanted to pick up a few items to do some OAM cooking and stick some prepared meals in the freezer. The store is only a few miles away from me. Here's what that drive looked like:

This is not a lake. This is not a pond. This is not a river. This is actually farm land! And then now we just found out that , the sheriff's department closed that road we were on (which is raised,btw) just a few minutes ago because the water covered it.

Now, the biggest reason I am praying for a break in the rain is because... Our house is on a lake. Across the lake from us is a levee and beyond the levee is farmland. Usually the lake level doesn't rise hardly at all, because the culverts send any extra water into the farmland behind the levee. Today, however, we cannot even see the culverts. Almost all of them are completely submerged below the water.

You can see from the pic above that there was definitely water in the farmland, but we could still hear the cows mooing so we werent sure just how much water. So we took a walk to checkout the levee...and oh me.

This is the farmland today...

And here's the levee. To left is the farmland and to the right is the lake...

so Rain, Rain Go Away!

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