Thursday, April 22, 2010

Printer Cartridge Refills- 1 Dollar TODAY ONLY @ Walgreens!

Today only at Walgreens, you can get your printer ink cartridges refilled for $1 each!! What a steal. We got our 10,000 sheets of paper cheap-o yesterday, and now today we get the printer ink cheap!

Take your empty or used cartridges to your local Walgreens and use THIS COUPON or grab the coupon out of the ad in store to get them refilled for $1. Refilling can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 30 minutes, so I just dropped mine off this morning and will pick them up tomorrow morning. I asked if there was a limit to how many they could do and they said "No limit" since the coupon did not state a limit (this could be YMMV, though).

Happy Printing!

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  1. Refilling is a process of filling ink into a empty cartridge processed by Professionals after thoroughly cleaning and then filling the ink under vaccum systems to make sure its perfectly done and this is almost the same way the Cartridge manufacturers would be filling ink. The best part is that most Ink Cartridges can be refilled around 5-20 times based on the model numbers and after which the components would get broken and cannot be used for printing. You can expect the same number of print outs while using a Refilled Cartridges when compared to OEM Cartridges and also it would be giving you the same quality of print outs because these companies would perfectly fill the right ink into your empty cartridges.
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