Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My FIRST Rite-Aid Deal- 03/31

So I've never been to Rite-Aid before, but I have been hearing of some awesome deals there. So when they had a deal on the Face Cleanser and Razors I use, I decided to try it out. And guess what I LOVED RITEAID (even though I forgot 2 coupons!).

Here's what I got:

4 Clean & Clear Cleansers- $21.96
4pk of Bic Soleil Razors- $4.99
2 Kotex Lightdays Liners- $3.00
LESS $5 off $20 RiteAid Purchase Video Values Coupon
LESS $2.00 RiteAid In-Ad Coupon for the Clean & Clear
LESS $2.00 Bic Disposables Coupon (3/28 SS)
LESS (4) $2.00 Clean & Clear Mfr. Coupons
=$12.96 out of pocket
LESS $2.00 SCR for the Razors
LESS $1.00 SCR for the Kotex
LESS $5.00 SCR for over $20 of Clean & Clear


Thats cheaper than me buying just one of the cleansers! AND the deal should've been better because I forgot to give (2) $1 coupons on the kotex to the cashier. Otherwise my total would've been $2.96. Either way still a STEAL!

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