Friday, March 26, 2010

My CRAZY FREEBIE packed Target trip- 03/26

WHoo-hoo!!! I got the deals at Target today. And I have a few more coupons like the ones below, so I may go back tomorrow. Check'em out. You can grab great deals too!

ReNew Basic Bed Pillow- $2.54
LESS Target $1.50 Coupon

Connect 4 Game- $7.00
Less $4.00 Coupon
= $3.00 each

Crest Kids Toothpaste $1.49
Less 75 cents Coupon (2/7 P&G)
Less Target 1.00 Coupon
=(24 cents OVERAGE)

2 Gilette Mens Body and Hair Wash 8oz- $1.79 each
Less $4 off 2 Coupon (2/7 P&G)
=(42 cents OVERAGE)

Gilette Mens Clinical Deodarant .5oz- $1.79
Less $2 Coupon (2/7 P&G)
= (21 cents OVERAGE)

Rimmel Mascara- $2.28
Less $3 Coupon (March "All You" Mag)
=(72 cents OVERAGE)

Snuggle 120 ct. Dryer Sheets- $3.51
Less $3 Coupon (3/24 RP)
=51 cents

TOTAL $2.96


  1. Which Target do you shop at? I have never been able to get them to take coupons that take off more than the price of the item.

  2. Hey Janey! My work is actually within like 3-5 miles of about 4 Targets so I have my pick of the Targets. What I have found is that it is usually the cashier that decides whether you get overage or not, since the scanner usually beeps and they type in the coupon. Today, however, at the Target on Colonial none of my coupons beeped...they all went through no problem. I once read an article on cashier profiling. I definitely do this when I am couponing. :)