Friday, March 12, 2010

Did You Know? Topic: E-Coupons

Did you know there was such as thing as E-Coupons?? So e-coupons are still fairly new concept and still surprise me when I see them actually working at the checkout counter, but they are AWESOME when it comes to help you score a deal. Here's why... at Kroger e-coupons are stackable with regular paper coupons!!! Yes, you can use an regular paper coupon AND the e-coupon will still come off too!!

Here's how the e-coupons work.
1) Sign up for the e-couponing websites below (Do them all so you get more coupons!) using your Kroger (or other chains) shoppers card number
2) Load coupons onto your shoppers card (I load them all b/c theres no harm).
3) At checkout, when the cashier hits total, the e-coupons you are redeeming for qualifying products will come off your total.
Then you had the cashier your paper coupons and down goes your total!
It's that EASY!

So here's my favorite e-couponing websites:
- Kroger E-Coupons
- Cellfire E-Coupons
- Shortcuts E-Coupons

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