Friday, February 19, 2010

Record Breaking Walmart (ugh, yes walmart!) Trip!

I am NOT a Walmart fan at all. I know some people LOVE it, but I pretty much LOATHE going into that store. I can't pinpoint what it is about Walmart that drives me away....or maybe it's just everything about it, I am not sure. And honestly most of their food prices (not personal items) are higher than Krogers...But yesterday, a history making record happened- I went into Walmart twice in one month! Crazy, I know. The first time I had to grab my February copy of "All You" Magazine. (Hopefully my March will arrive in the mail!)Yesterday, I went in for some certain deals. And here they are:

Lunchables Sub Sandwichs- Rollback Price $.78 less $.75 printable coupon= .03 each!

Land O'Frost 1 lb Deli Meat- Reg Price $3.00 less $2.00 printable coupon= $1.00 each

Johnson's Buddies Soap- Reg Price $.97 less $1.00 printable coupon= FREE :)

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