Monday, July 20, 2015

One Month!!

Mr. T is smiling here because he's one month old today!!! I cannot believe it! It's hard to believe I was ever able to get pregnant, hard to believe we made it to 39 weeks, hard to believe I needed a CSection, and hard to believe God blessed us with a son!!! And now he's a month old!? WHAT!?

He had a good week. His uncle Donnie came to see him for the first time since birth on Thursday...when he was 4 weeks old exactly. 

And his Grandma came to see him again Thursday. Thursday night into Friday, he hit what I think is a growth spurt or wonder week. He was largely unhappy and wanted to eat ALL the time.... And this crazy dipe happened.

He was soooo clingy that I tried the Moby wrap again.

He's not really in it properly. I put him in facing me like normal but he hated his head being in it and held up by it... And he hated facing inward at me. He wriggled his way sideways to a cradle sort of hold...I guess that's ok. It only lasted 10 minutes before he was unhappy again. And when I say unhappy I mean screaming his little head off.

I will leave you with a series of pics taken within seconds of each other...he makes so many faces.

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