Monday, June 29, 2015

Ped and Stump

Well today was a big day for Mr. T. He had his second outing for his first pediatrician visit!! Here we are waiting to be seen.

 First, he got weighed and praise The Lord this boy gained weight!! 

He gained 7.5oz since leaving the NICU 6 days ago!! Go T! He now weighs 6lbs, 11.5oz- this puts him over his 6lb, 9oz birth weight! I didn't think we were gonna make it breastfeeding...just because he got stuck in the formula and bottles in the NICU....but God has seen us through so far and has totally changed T's attitude towards it...And now with this weight gain we are seeing some benefits too! Hopefully we can keep it up at minimum til 1 month, then try for 3 months, maybe to 6 months, and possibly to a year!? Either way, proud of every day we make it....even if we have to supplement some!

Everything looked good to the pediatrician! Speaking of the ped, I cared for her kiddos while I was in college...and now out of the three of them, one is out of college and one is in college....makes me feel soooo old!!!

Another thing that happened today was his umbilical cord stump fell off. Weird event to log I know, but I don't wanna forget a thing! It happened when we took his clothes off at the doc to weigh. We noticed it was just laying in his clothes. Since, we were already there the ped put silver nitrate in it to help it heal super fast.  It seems like a milestone to me. :)

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