Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Class, Clogs, Selfie, Socks, Stroller, and a 7 Weeker

So last week, the day he turned 7 weeks, we went to a Mommy and me type class for the first time. A girl from my high school graduating class and her 12 week old met us there. T was mesmerized by her little girl O. I tried to take a pic but my phone was full :( I did get a pic of T in the outfit he wore there. It was the cutest football outfit DHs mawmaw gave him.

He had a first that day too! His first ride in his big boy stroller that my inlaws gave him! 

We both loved it! This thing is the Lexus of strollers! 

Here's his first selfie with me :). He was in such a good mood! This is right before we went to my parents house so he could meet my moms sister, my cousin, And my cousins daughter. I don't know how I didn't get any pics of that!

Friday, I took him to meet my group at work and then to Ds parents to meet my MILs sister. I was looking for socks for him and found some that matched...and they fit!! They were 6-12month! I can't believe this big footed guy could wear 6-12 month socks!! 

On the weekends, DH is generally in charge of Ts clothes and he put him in this cute lil man shirt looking romper. 

He looked adorbs... But promptly spit up on it and then cried lol. 

He's always soooo happy in the mornings. Here's a few of his morning happy silly boy pics.

I left him for a couple hours for the first time in his little life this week. He did great for DH and unprompted DH even texted me pics of T. It was hard to leave him at all...that boy is my whole heart outside of my body. He was soooo tired after I came home and his yesterday's adventures that he slept 7 hours straight and then 3 more after nursing.

 So...he did this two days in a row and because we nurse on demand, I didn't wake up. Now I have SUPER painful and swollen ducts. I've had clogged ducts before but this HURTS...Like hurts so bad I'm posting this because I can't sleep bad. My initial breast feeding goal was 8 weeks, and we've made that...but I didn't want that to be it. I'm praying for healing but also either the strength to continue or the peace to slowly stop.

Today he's been a happy happy boy after sleeping that long (even though I've had issues).  Here's my boy on the last day of being a 7 weeker:


  1. WoW so cute baby!!! Nice post!!! This whole stroller thing is so indicative of the whole mothering world right now. I am SO over it. Eloise gets pushed around in an umbrella stroller. With a pocket I sewed into it. And a hole near the bum. It's lasted the other 3, and I just refuse to buy another stroller, even if it IS cheap. You can choose one by click here! Thanks!!!!

  2. Hi sarah ! ""Class, Clogs, Selfie, Socks, Stroller, and a 7 Weeker"" is a Great post! Have been thinking about rigging something up, but hadn't done any research. The unicycle bit is crazy awesome! Many thanks,

  3. I love your post, and I love Meggan's comment as well!!!! Thanks for sharing your names; Matt likes the boy names Roman and Anderson(Bleh) needless to say I'm sure we will have the same debate someday!

  4. so cute baby ! o in a couple of weeks(2) I have to take home a real care baby doll for one night. I have to feed, change diaper,rock, burp, ect. I am exited but also scared at the same time. I just want to know if anyone has any tips or tricks for the baby( no propping up bottle or anything like that I want to do this for real!
    Thanks !

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