Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sleepy, Raspy,and Dirty (sounds like 7 Dwarfs' names)

So last night there was very little sleep going on. Mr. T was making a weird raspy breathing sound and had a catch sort of at the end of every breath. On top of that he only slept 8 hours from midnight to midnight...and was cutting himself off early while back to the ped we went. 

We saw a different doc, but I ended liking her a ton! T ended up just having a lot of snot, but she said we did the right thing bringing him in...then she said next tine the weird breathing happens to record then I fessed up that I had already done so! She said that does not make you cray cray, that just means you are smart with technology and next time you can text us the video! 

So he just been weighed on Tuesday and was 7 pounds and a half ounce, so today when he weighed 7  pounds and 7 3/4 ounces, the doc questioned my he nurse and re did his weight...same thing!!! My growing boy gained 7 1/4 ounces in 2 days!!!

I'd say exclusively breastfeeding, or EBF as the cool kids say, is working out well for my boy right now! And yes you read that right EBF! We stopped supplementing about a week ago and it's been easier on Ts tummy. We will at least do breast milk for 8 weeks...after that we shall see. 

I dropped by my work really quick and showed my little man off after the doc. He was sleeping though. It was nice to see my girls! 

DHs parents, aunt, and grandmother came over again. 

DHs mom even changed a pee dipe and a poo dipe.  The pee dipe she did fine. The poo dipe she was rusty on...she got his foot in the poo! Ha! I had to do a clean up on that lol!

We also gave him a bath tonight to make sure he was clean.:)

And that is how we spent Ts three week old birthday:)

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