Monday, July 27, 2015

Poop and Babywearing

This past week, my big man officially moved up to only size 1 diapers. That's because the newborn sized ones were too he was having blowouts up his back. The size 1s are great in the length, but this skinny man is small around you have cinch them up...yet still he has a blowout every other day (mama thinks it's mostly when dad changes him)! Additionally, this kid has started projectile pooping and a lot of times following that up with a pee the moment his dipe is removed. 

Yep, one day I was changing his super full of poo dipe and I thought I was so smart covering his man parts with a wipe. Sure enough, he peed, but it went right down into the dirty dipe when it hit the wipe. Score 1 for mama! Then I start wiping the poo off him that he somehow smeared all over his bottom and private, and then BOOM! Out shoots more seedy poo over the dipe and onto the changer and other splatters everywhere. I'm sort of in shock and before I can react, he spits up all on his outfit and the changer!

We also had the wedding shower of a cousin to attend this week. He still so small and young, I'm not cool with him being passed around...nor am I ready to leave him with anyone for any period of he's breastfed, so he has be with me anyhow. So I decided to wear him at the shower! 

We exchanged the Baby K'tan that we had bought for Dustin (for $12) for my size! And so far Mr. T loves it. And look how snug and hidden he is.

I took one month old pictures of T this past week. This is prob my favorite.

T is normally asleep by 11pm but one night this week he was awake at midnight. And boy was he happy and making faces at me. Loved this one!

It's like he's saying "oooo I'm awake at midnight!"

Here's one from the next night! 
Love this expressive boy!

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