Friday, July 3, 2015

Packing for a CSection and thumb sucking

Even though this will mostly be about packing for the hospital, first I had to share this:

T found his thumb last night! They gave him a paci in the NICU but he didn't like it. Apparently his thumb is tastier :)

Ok, back to business...
It's been two weeks and a day since my cesarean section to deliver baby boy. Recovery was and is probably better than I expected, but it is no cake walk. I need to write a post on how that day went down...but today I'm gonna list out what I would pack should I have another CSection. This is for my own benefit (and yours if you're reading this) so I remember what I liked. This list is obviously not exhaustive and is tailored to  what worked or did not work for me.

What I would pack for myself if I had another CSection:

- the Normal Toiletries, brush, hair ties, Makeup, Blow Dryer, and Flat Iron: everything it takes to get ready for a normal day I'd bring. It's comforting to have your own stuff. I wouldn't bring conditioner or the hair oil I use next time because the water was so soft that my hair never felt like I got it fully rinsed off. 

- Glasses and Contact Stuff: They let me where my contacts during the section. I have RGPs (hard lenses) so I don't know if that made a difference ...either way I needed solution, cleaner, mirror, and case. Then for after taking those out, glasses are nice to have...ya know 'cause you might wanna actually see your baby.

- 1-2 Nursing Tank Tops: I had one with me and I wore it when others were in my room (after the first day) and also when I breastfed baby boy in the NICU.

- A pair of maternity leggings or Capri leggings with the miracle waist part that feels like pantyhose. You won't come out of surgery looking all flat waisted, so this gives you a super flexible waist... And it will fit over an ab binder...or under one easy. 

- An ab binder: the hospital gave me one and put it on me right when surgery was done. This wonderful yet hot device made my middle not seem like it was flapping. Plus, it seemed to hold together the incision area and made it possible to walk and move around after the spinal wore off. (Still wearing it a lot because it seems to help everything tighten back up)

- 1-2 Dark Colored Nursing Gowns: I had one of these. I also wore it past the first day. It made it easy for the nurses to check my incision and the other fun stuff.

- Overnight Pads: so the giant, big as one whole booty cheek pads were fine for a day...but they were so big that they were uncomfortable and hot for me. I know a lot of people think bringing your own is dumb, but whatever makes me feel comfy is what I'm doing. So after night one the bleeding had definitely slacked off, I started using Stayfree Thin Overnights.  

- a couple pairs of dark underwear that fit me at the end of pregnancy: now I know this is another thing that lots of people disagree on. I actually LOVED the mesh hospital undies. They stretched over the ab binder, so that made it easier when going to the bathroom. But on the third day, the hospital undies were starting to get too big and saggy and weren't comfortable I had the ones from home.

- flip flops or house shoes: just some kind of slip on shoes, so you don't have to bend over to get them on. You will need these for walking around or pushing the baby's bassinet around. You want to get up and moving as soon as you're allowed. I wore flip flops when leaving the room but was barefoot in the room. 

- Pillows: I took my pregnancy pillow which is ginormous and a second plain pillow for comfort. This was nice for the little sleep I did get.

- Electronics: 
Camera with extra battery or battery charger. 
Phone or tablet with wifi/internet access.

- a large cup: I took a Bubba mug and straw. This is to replace the ridiculously tiny styrofoam cups they give you. You need lots of water, and those little cups they give you don't make it easy. (I was given this tip by Kelly, and It was a valuable one!)

- individual serving cans of 100% pineapple juice: Make sure you get not from concentrate ones. I took a Dole 6 pack of the 6 oz. individual cans. Then I could use the hospital ice and styrofoam cups to cool them down. Pineapple juice helps with inflammation and helps with your uterine contractions. I'm still drinking one a day.

-Snacks: I would definitely take a small jar of peanut butter and a row of crackers. I would also grab granola bars with protein....and also maybe a bad for you snack like mini powdered donuts.

What I would pack for baby:

- 2 outfits for while in the hospital: one newborn and one 0-3 month outfit with built in hand mittens and footies plus any coordinating hats or blankets. 

-a swaddle blanket

- a special going home outfit and blanket

- infant rear facing car seat: we got the Cybex Aton Q as a gift from my work and the NICU parental consultant said it was the best car seat she'd ever seen...also make sure the base is correctly installed

Well, that's all I can think of right now. If I think of more, I'll add it. 

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