Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Out to Eat and We've got a Biter

Today was our second pediatrician visit and our last day DH had off since Mr. Ts birth. 

We did pretty good this time and made it to our ped visit on time! That's actually a first since at our first visit we walked in right at our appointment time when really we were supposed to be there early for paperwork. 

Mr. T slept the whole way there, but of course woke right up when we took his clothes off to get weighed.

Ok, so he doesn't look awake here, but he really He gained another 5.5oz, so he's now 7 pounds and 1/2 an ounce....which is now 7.5oz over birth weight! 

The ped wanted us to see a lac consultant, so we called and headed back to the hospital where he was born. It ended up that we got the same one that was assigned to me the day I was discharged. She determined that little man uses his tongue funny to try to block my quick and forceful let down. Also, she told us he was a biter!! Sure enough after putting my finger in his mouth I can tell kid just gums you a lot! No wonder it hurts! When he cuts teeth, that will be the end of his nursing career. 

Since it was DHs last day off work since Mr T was born, we decided to attempt another first....eating lunch out!! 

Since Mr. T had just had his belly filled while at the lac consult, he had fallen asleep, so it worked out perfect. We decided on Mexican food because it's our favorite and we'd been wanting it. 

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