Monday, July 20, 2015

Flakes, Shorts, and Church

Today, we decided we would go back to church actually get in the car and go to the brick and mortar building and worship with other people....for the first time since becoming a family of 3. Well,Saturday was actually Ts bath day but we missed it so that meant we did we gave him a quick one and the infant skin on his head started peeling!

The rest if his body peeled a few weeks ago....but a little head peeling didn't stop us from church. Nor did the blowout that happened as I was drying him off...sans diaper of course!!! (No pic needed!) 

Then we put him in his very first shirt and shorts outfit...still newborn sized but he's working on it!!!

And if you look at his collar, you'll see white! Yep, 2.5 seconds after getting this on, he spit up all over it. That still didn't deter is from church. 

Below is Mr. T sleeping through his first church service (other than watching it online).

He did great and barely fussed...til 5 minutes before the invitation....At which point he got HANGRY snd screamed. I'm still not completely comfortable NIP (nursing in public) so I quickly ran out the back and found a quiet classroom...and after the service apparently the whole world came looking for us so DH had to deal with a crowd that wanted to see himself...because T ate for 40 minutes and by that time everyone left. :)

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