Wednesday, July 8, 2015

BooBoo and MawMaw, Boots, Church, and a Bouncer

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Yesterday,  T slept through the morning church service, but he definitely took notice of the bright TV during the evening service. 

I am so glad our church is available to watch live even when you're not there, but I have missed going. It's not the same when you're not there. I haven't been in over a month since I was on bed rest right before delivery. 

Today, T got to meet DHs "BooBoo" (aunt), so T's great aunt. 

And DHs MawMaw, so Ts great grandmother also was here.

They brought him presents! Boots!!! 

Yep, they brought him his first pair of real cowboy ostrich Ropers! They also gave him some soft leather boots for when he's first walking. This boy has started a boot collection and he's not even a month. One of my aunts brought him a soft pair of camo boots to the hospital. 

We tried T in his bouncer for the first time today. The bouncer is MUCH easier to move around the house than the mamaroo.

He seemed to really like it. He'd kick his legs and it would gently bounce. This will make it easier for me to have a place for when he's awake yet I need to put him down. 

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